CCO Jared Bailey
Chief Corrections Officer

Sgt. Jared Bailey of Himrod, NY was promoted to Chief Correction Officer on March 20, 2017. This position is considered the Jail Administrator by the state SCOC. Jared joined the agency 15 years ago as a part-time Correction Officer in 2002 becoming full time in 2004. He was promoted to Sergeant in 2007. Jared has contributed a lot to quality policy development to meet accreditation standards. He has had extensive training in corrections related manners. He will be an asset to the leadership of the Corrections Bureau as well as being a change master going forward.


The Yates County Jail is part of the Public Safety Building and has a maximum capacity of sixty-five inmates. The design of the Jail is known as Linear Design. This means that the inmates are placed in individual cells with a open area in front of the cells called a Bull Pen Area. 

The Jail consists of seven cell blocks capable of housing four inmates, two cell blocks capable of housing two inmates, four   Isolation cells, a Dormitory with the capability of housing nineteen inmates and a Trusty Dormitory capable of housing six inmates.

The Jail is governed by NEW YORK CORRECTION LAW oversight provided by the New York State Commission of Correction Minimum Standards. Originally, when the Jail opened in May of 1977, the maximum capacity was only forty inmates. But with renovations and expansions to the Jail over the years, the present capacity was raised to the present maximum capacity of sixty-five inmates.

The Jail houses inmates committed by a judge in Yates County are housed at the Jail. The Jail also houses Boarded Inmates. These inmates are male and female inmates sentenced by other counties or outside agencies such as United States Marshall Services and Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). Also within the county jail is a four cell lock up to house pre- arraignment detainees.  These people have not yet appeared before a judge and therefore are not yet committed to the facility.

Supervision of the inmates is accomplished by the Correction Officers walking through the blocks. This is done within a certain time frame throughout the day and night. Video cameras are also used for security and for supervision of inmates. Cameras are in every cellblock, hallways, the classroom and exercise areas. 

Exercise is provided for the inmates seven hours a week. The inmates have an outside exercise area during good weather and an inside exercise area for inclement weather for their exercise period.


The Yates County Jail is made up of thirty-eight full-time Correction Officers, eleven part-time Correction Officers, three full time civilian employees and four part-time civilian employees. The staff consists of:

(1) Chief Corrections Officer
(1) Lieutenant 
(4) Correction Sergeants
(31) Full-time Correction Officers
(11) Part-time Correction Officers
(3) Full-time Kitchen staff
(2) Part-time Kitchen staff
(1) Jail Physician (Part-time)
(1) Registered Nurse 
(1) Jail Chaplain

Correction Officers

Correction Officers have the responsibility of maintaining the safety and security of the Jail. Officers perform tasks that include:
(1) Security tours to insure accountability and inmate safety
(2) Supervise inmate exercise periods
(3) Supervise inmate Law Library
(4) Supervise educational programs
(5) Supervise distribution of inmate meals and medications
(6) Transport inmates to and from courts, outside medical services, funeral visits, etc.

Support Services

 Jail Ministry - including literacy volunteers and advocates including the jail chaplain 
 FLACRA- addictions counseling services
 BOCES - Vocational Training
 GED classes
 A.A. (Alcoholics Anonymous)


Visitation days for inmates are on Tuesdays and Saturdays. All visits are on an appointment basis. Visitors must call the Jail at 315-536-5175 or come to the Jail the day before the visit to make the appointment. Inmates may receive up to two one-hour visits per week. The hours for visits runs from 1:00pm to 5:00pm and 6:00pm to 9:00pm. 

Visitors arriving for inmate visits must have a valid form of photo identification issued by a government agency to enter the Jail. The visits start on the hour and run for one hour. Visitors arriving thirty minutes late for the visit will be denied the visit. Any visitor seventeen years old or younger must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Legal Guardians will be required to produce the paperwork from the court granting Guardianship.  An average of 6,000 visitors arrive at the jail annually.
Types of Payment Accepted for Bail and Fines: 
Refer to "Bail, Bail Bonds & Fines" on FAQs webpage  

VINE Program

The VINE Program (Victim Information and Notification Everyday) is a system set up to obtain timely and accurate information about an offender's custody status. This information is available twenty-four hours a day.

 New York Sheriff's Victim Hot Line
 1-888-VINE-4-NY (1-888-846-3469)
 Tambien disponible en espanol


Correction Officer Training

All Correction Officers must successfully complete one hundred-twenty hours of training. This training is mandated and set up by the New York State Commission of Correction. Topics for this training include legal issues, inter-personnel communications, CPR-First Aid, suicide prevention and defensive tactics.

Correction Officers are also mandated to successfully complete a  35 hour  Peace Officer school.  As well as a minimum of 47 hours of  firearms  training and deadly physical force training. 

Yearly annual recertification in the Jail for Correction Officers includes:
(1) Chemical Agent training
(2) Suicide Prevention
(3) First-aid / CPR / Defibrillator 
(4) Firearms Qualifications  

A Corrections Emergency Response Team (CERT) is also maintained in the Jail. CERT is a group of specially trained and equipped Correction Officers. These officers handle such situations as violent inmates, inmate cell extractions, cell searches, and high-risk transports.

Inmate Commissary

The Yates County Jail has a Commissary account set up for inmate use. Inmates may purchase items such as health care items, underclothing, food items, pens, pencils and writing materials. Money brought in with the inmates will be placed in this account.

Friends and family members may bring in additional money for the inmate account. Accepted forms of deposits are cash and money orders. No personal checks will be accepted for the inmate’s account.

Kitchen Staff

The Jail has its own kitchen and staff. All inmate meals are prepared at the Jail. The jail serves 3 meals per day per New York State minimum standards at least one hot to be served in a 24 hour period.  An average of 52,000 meals is served per year.

Breath Test Operators  (BTO)

An additional task that Correction Officers perform is the operation of the breath tests for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) arrests. The instrument used by the Yates County Sheriff's Office is known as the BAC DATAMASTER.  It measures the blood alcohol content (BAC) in a person’s system. Presently in New York State the BAC for  intoxication is .08%. Officers attend a four day school for New York State Department of Health Certification to operate this instrument. 

Funeral Visits

Inmates may be allowed to attend a family member's funeral. The stipulations for this are as follows:
(1) The funeral is in New York State.
(2) The Jail Administrator is provided with the death notice from the Funeral Home.
(3) The Jail Administrator is provided with the Obituary from a newspaper.
The inmate may be allowed to wear civilian clothes as determined by the Jail Administrator. However, the inmate will be required to be hand cuffed and shackled throughout the funeral proceedings.  Phone: 315-536-5175   Fax: 315-536-5121

Inmate Phone System

 The inmate phone system is set up and operated by AT&T. The system is strictly a COLLECT CALL operation. Inmates cannot receive phone calls, and neither calling cards nor three-way calling is allowed.  If the person being called has call waiting or if the call has to go through a switch board, the call will be disconnected.  Each cell block has a phone for the inmates’ use. If there is a collect call block on the phone that the inmate is trying to call, the person must call their phone company to have the block lifted. Once a number has been blocked, only the person the number is listed to may unblock the number by calling 1-888-241-1290.