Lt. Edwin Nemitz
Road Patrol Division

As Lieutenant, he is responsible for oversight of Road Patrol, Juvenile and Special Services Units (below).  





Road Patrol Division (Sgts)

Left to right: Sgt. Ryan, Blumbergs, Lamphier, Rider







Road Patrol Division (Deputy Sheriffs)

Left to right (1st row): Deputy Croffot, Zebrowski, Skelly, Daggett

Left to right (2nd row): Deputy Morehouse, Rayburn, Campbell, Hansen

Left to right (3rd row): Deputy Emerson, Chisom, SRO Simpson,  Cole

Road Patrol Division (Part-Time Deputy Sheriffs)

Left to right (1st row): Deputy Warner, Butler, Sotir, Winslow

Animal Control Division

Animal Control Officer Morris

K-9 Division

Left to right: Canine Kinni and Deputy Jensen, Canine Ribo and Deputy Betts

Lt. Scott Backer
Criminal Investigation Division

Lt. Backer was appointed to his present position in May 2014.  He has been with the Sheriff's Office since 1993, starting in the Corrections Bureau.  He then worked in the Road Patrol Division as a Deputy Sheriff for nine years before being promoted to Criminal Investigator in December 2006.  In April 2013, he was appointed Senior Investigator.  Lt. Backer is a graduate of Dundee Central School and the Finger Lakes Law Enforcement Academy (FLLEA).  He has been trained in crime scene and evidence collection, motor vehicle collision investigation, methamphetamine, marihuana and synthetic marihuana investigation, as well as computer, mobile phone, cyber and digital evidence investigations.  As Lieutenant, he is responsible for oversight of the Criminal Investigation Division (below). 

Criminal Investigation Division

Left to right: Patrick Manahan, Arlyn Cunningham, Patrick Breuer