Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I report a problem on a County Road or request a service?
A: Problems can be called in to (315) 531-3200 or you can email the Highway Dept. at

Q: Do I need a permit to install a driveway on a County Road?
A: Yes, please go the following link for more information on the Driveway Policy.

Q: Does the County pick up leaves, brush?
A: No, the Highway Department does not collect leaves or brush

Q: How far from the road should I plant new trees or shrubs?
A:  Right-of-Way widths vary on different County roads. Please contact the Highway Department for  further information and guidance on how far back from the road your new trees/shrubs should be planted.

Q: Why are you cutting down or trimming trees on the side of the road/edge of my lawn?
A:  Trees located within the County Right-of-Way that are dead, dying or impeding visibility will be removed to protect the safety of the traveling public.

Q: Will the County Replace my mailbox that was knocked down by snow plowing?
A: Yates County will replace a mailbox along a County Road only if was physically hit by the snow plow or other County owned equipment. Mailboxes knocked down by snow, slush or other objects plowed from the road will NOT be replaced. Please refer to the Snow & Ice Policy at the following link.

Q:  Does the County dig out around mailboxes after plowing?
A:  No. Digging out around the mailbox and making it accessible for mail delivery is the homeowner’s   responsibility. Please refer to the Snow & Ice Policy at the following link.

Q:  Will the County clean up debris in my yard after snowplowing is completed for the winter season?
A:  No, unless the damage is severe the County does not clean up debris (stones and sod) that was thrown into your yard from the plow blades. Please refer to the Snow & Ice Policy at the following link.

Q:  How should I approach a snowplow truck during snow removal operations?
A:  With caution! In order to completely clear a lane, the plow needs to be as close to the centerline as possible. Give them room to do their job and never tailgate a plow truck/sander. Stay back at least 200 feet.

Q:  What are the Highway Department’s responsibilities for dead animals in the road?
A:  The Highway Department only removes animals that obstruct traffic and create a hazard. A dead deer that is in the roadway will be removed. Other smaller animals are not typically removed from the road.